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Monday, July 27, 2009

[Etude House] Lash Designing Vitcara #Sexy Volume

This mascara is the new version of Big Eye 66 Vitcara which released earlier by EH.
This new version includes in the Fall 08 Collection.
There are two types of this mascara. They are:
#Sexy Volume (dark purple tube) - for volumizing
#Clean & Curl (dark blue tube) - for lenghtening

You may have not seen this kind of mascara wand, and found them very weird. But it is specially designed for volumizing.
The bottom part of the brush (refer to the pic), is especially designed with 9 rows that contains 33 bristles every row. It's curved shape, maintains 297 raised bristles to gather and distribute the mascara evenly and cleanly to each individual lash.
The upper part of the brush is to concentrate mascara application to lashes located at the inner and outer part of eye.

The #Clean & Curl brush type is similar to your toothbrush (LOL)
I think i'll purchase it and give it a try :)

This mascara is sure contains quite a lot of fiber. If you loves fiber base mascara, then this mascara will probably suit you, contrary, if you hate, i suggest don't waste your money on this product.

Anyway, i love it! It volumized my lashes pretty well. It does not give your lashes the "crunchy" look. Well, at least on my lashes. But I think almost all mascara will gives you the crunchy lash look if you apply your mascara repeatedly in countless times.

It's waterproof. Maybe? They does not state there. But i never encounter any panda eye with this product. So i think it is :)

It dries up quite quickly and very easy to remove!

1. Align brush and eye curves and apply mascara to lashes from roots to tips using zig-zag motion.
2. Use brush tail end to extend and raise lashes at the inner and outer corner of the eyes.
3. Use brush tail to further extend outer eye edge lashes to complete foxy look.


Anonymous said...

umm...is it hard to use??i just order it at an online shop,and start googling to see if there's a tutorial to use it cause i know it's different than other mascara plus i'm newbie at make up world so i kinda scared that i'll mes it up :P seriously i don't understand the how to apply direction *stupid me*