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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Etude House (mini) Haul #3 + Review


- Color Me Nude Lip Concelaer (from Peach Collection) S$11.90
- VIP Girl Peach Syrup Gloss #1 Nude Pink S$17.90

Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

This is one of products in my favorite Etude House Peach Collection.
Basically, it's a lip concealer to conceal your lip color, so that your lipstick / lipgloss color will be more vibrant.
I recommend this product for you who have pigmented lip and had hard time to create nude lip.
It creates perfect nude lip effect :)
Well, i can't compare this product with other brand as this is my first lip concealer.
My lips are quite pale already, so i don't find any purpose for a lip concealer.
But, sometimes my lips are pigmented enough to fail my tempt on nude lip effect *lol*

As what i heard from some beauty bloggers, some lip concealer is super sticky and drying at the same time. But i never occur any dryness, stickiness or whatsoever with this product.

Dab it lightly on your lips. (DAB!) and it'll give you a super natural pale lip.
Pstt.. I've tried to use it alone without any lipgloss/ lipstick at school, and i succeed to convince my teachers that im sick and they let me to go home! *evil smirk*

VIP Girl Peach Syrup Gloss #1 Nude Pink

This Gloss is from VIP Girl Collection which did not catch my attention.
It have been reviewed that this collection is not as worth as others such as Peach Collection, Precious Mineral Collection.
But i give this gloss a try since it promised a pink with nude effect lip.
It's available in 2 shades, #1 Nude Pink and #2 Nude Peach

It has a thick creamy texture, milky strawberry pink color and juicy peach scent
Cute packaging, hot pink cap and unique heart shape application.
On first application, it gives me a fine lipstick rouge like effect.
Well, it creates a good nude effect as well. But not really pale which is good in my opinion.
It contains pink, purple and blue shimmer, emphasized on pink shimmer
It's quite sticky compare to another Etude House gloss, such as Peach Water Gloss (review will follow soon!)
I believe it's because of it's thick creamy texture. But it does not really matter to be because if the texture is watery and light, it wont gives you a nice nude effect :)

You can create this color simply with Color Me Nude Lip Concealer + Strawberry Pink gloss, which i think will be lighter and not very sticky.
I like this gloss quite well as it will be quite inconvenient to re-apply lip concelaler + gloss if you're outside.
But it really depends on each person. :)
So what do you think?